Randy & Robby's Home Page

Hi my name is Randy, my friends call me R.J. and I am six years old. So my Grandma is helping me with my Home Page. Cause beening six years old I can't made a home page as good as she can.So come in and lets get to know about me.

I have a brother name Robbie. Who I share this page with.
He's three years old. I am in the First Grade. I
have a cool teacher. He gives surprises when you earn enough
Stars. When you are good, and do
your work. I receive some fun stuff from him. I love the color Red.
I want to be a fireman when I grow up.
Maybe thats why I like red, you think??

My dad build me a treehouse and I love playing in it. I like
to Play with my Friend Carlie and my cousin

Do you like sheep?? You can download a fun one here.

Download my sheep
you'll love to see them run on your desktop .
click here

Come back again . My grandma will add more stuff. she told
me she would, And she keeps her promises.
Thats why I love her so heehee, and she's fun to play with.*SMILE*

My friend Bandjo Freddie
Will show you Now..

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J.J. The Whhale
J.J. The Whale!
LIVE CAM AT of the baby whale.!
I love watching him.,


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